My Melody.

That was never me

I didn’t crave normality

Despite how many times

I find myself working

Stupid five to threes

I just know

That’s not inside of me

Instead of humming along

with life’s beat

I’ve always sung

with my own creativity

And rhythmic melodies

The lining of my wallet

Has never meant much to me

My dreams are everything

I toss and turn

And never sleep

I swear I won’t rest

Until I feel complete

Even when the lights are out

I’ll keep them here with me

Following in footsteps

Never appealed to me

The status quo

Of this sad, sad..

Just plain depressing


No Thanks,

I’ll be my own nominee

Of what’s to be

I’d much rather die

Then go about each and every day

Looking in the mirror

And the person looking back

Isn’t proud of me.



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