Don’t Take the Money.

Just don’t do it.

If there’s at least one thing I’ve learned in this short life of mine, It’s that you never sell yourself out.

Stay true to yourself and know your worth.Never forget where you came from or the people that believe in you and get you through every day. I’ve always been happy and content with the bare minimum, because you don’t need all the flash and attention to be somebody important. Ever since I was little, money never had a hold on me. I’ve always believed in following your dreams no matter how far fetched they may be. Whether or not that dreams pays a lot is irrelevant. Trust me, going and working 40 hours a week in a suit and tie isn’t worth selling yourself out for (Unless that’s truly your passion) but most people don’t aspire for that, they just end up there and get comfortably stuck doing It and get so used to that being the normal. It’s not what life is about.. It’s about closing your eyes and letting your dreams speak for yourself. Listen to your gut feelings and embrace who you are. Don’t forgot what makes you, you. The world has a funny way letting obstacles compromise your passions and that’s not okay. Just because the majority of the world follows the status quo of working 9-5’s with no aspirations of doing something different, doesn’t mean It’s okay. It’s not. Well, technically there’s nothing wrong with living your life like that but there’s no passion or creativity in that and without that..the world would be a sad place to be. Think about it, all the greatest artists, writers, inventors and any outside the box thinkers wouldn’t of accomplished anything following the rest of the population.At multiple times in your life, you are going to be told that your dreams or ideas are just flat out crazy and that’s perfectly okay. The greatest things we have today are built from the foundation of crazy. Who cares if what you want seems impossible? Isn’t that the point? Trust yourself and follow your heart. Chances are that It won’t lead to a big paycheck desk job. There’s beauty in struggle, so embrace it.Life really sucks sometimes and it feels like you’re backed into a corner with nothing but those dreams. I’d much rather go through hell for years and years to finally reach the impossible aspirations that I once dreamed of having. Rather than sell out for an easy paycheck and wear a monkey suit to work somewhere that you don’t have a true genuine connection with. That’s not life. I understand that everybody has their own definition of success but It’s so much more than how much you make every year. I have so much more respect for creative minds grinding with no money for years and still continuing to follow their passions. I’m not here to take away from people who choose to live the typical predictable life but this is about embracing that burning fire in your soul. You literally only have one life.. I don’t know how many people actually realize that. You can’t exactly take your money with you when you die anyway.. For anyone that reads this and is struggling in their life trying to not sell yourself out. Keep going. Keep pushing. Never let your voice go unheard. Stand up for what you think Is right and don’t let any body take that from you. You’re important. It is your life and I strive to have the least amount of regrets at the end of it all. My fear of failure will never come close to my fear of ” What If?”Every storm passes. I promise. Just don’t take the money. Follow those broke dreams.. Make yourself a life that you can be proud of. It’s not the size of your paycheck, It’s the size of your heart that matters. I don’t care what watered down corporate america bullshit you hear, It’s not worth it. This is about the wanderlust dreamers out there. Stay true to yourself and don’t forget your morals. Treat everyone with respect and know that every single person in this world is exactly that, a person. Treat everyone how you would like to be treated no matter where they come from. Religion, gender, sexual orientation, race, etc. It doesn’t matter. Everyone is the same. We’re all humans living in a fucked up world. Don’t take the money. Just don’t do it. Dreams eventually do come true.

Happy dreams everyone. 


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