Dedicated to my best friend.


The quarry is where

we met

It’s the place I’ll

never forget

Nestled on the corner

Across from the science center

Who would’ve known

That’s where our

Friendship would call home

Looking up with

Your long dark hair

Bundled up in that

Black north face

You wore everywhere

In that cold February weather

Bringing us closer than ever

I’ll be honest

The stars aren’t always

so bright

But, you

Are my light

You’re what brightens

My day

When my skies are dark and grey

I’ll admit

I have a lot of dark days

When I try to see through

All of this gloomy haze

I think of you

When I feel like I can’t

You’re the strength I don’t have

You are the calm

Before the storm

And after

When I find myself

Once again

Closer and closer

To being a walking disaster

You keep me safe

With your comfort

And laughter

Every time I was left


You always keep me


You took me In

I met your family

And even they

Never shut the door on me

There’s always going

to be distance

Between us

But, that’s not how

We see us

Even constantly being away

You’re still part of my

Every day

It’ll never change

You’re my forever

Bright light

That’ll never


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