My new civilization.

I sit here

Craving attention

From these faded


I used to have such

A high from them

I was never afraid

To overdose


I carry this chip

On my shoulder

Hoping it’ll be gone

When I’m older

But I am older now

That’s the problem.

And all that’s changed is that

I’ve grown colder.

My body is shivering

Even my insides are pale

The once thriving civilization

Built upon very alive aspirations

Washed up and away

Just like me.

I’m a cast a way

Inside my own dreams

It’s getting so late

I can’t sleep anyway

I’ll just stay awake

With the lights on

Praying I’ll be better

When the nights gone

Or Maybe

I’ll just overdose

With my new civilization

Built on bottles and pills

And a realistic realization

That Misery loves company

And maybe I’m it’s

Greatest muse.

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