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To Whom It May Concern.


This is sadly what I have. Pretty much the last shred of my own personal touch in this world. This blog is what keeps me sane, whether or not anybody actually reads this. It’s how I keep my broken mind together. Its essentially just scotch tape on shattered remains but sometimes It’s enough.

I don’t have expectations anymore, I learned a long time ago that they do more harm than good. Too Grand Of A Scene is more than a website or blog. It’s my child. That one child that in a very crowded world that as a parent you still have a gut feeling about. Something special that you can’t explain on paper. Even in the worse of marriages, messy divorces and the most destructive home behavior making life hell for anyone in those situations; There’s still that small chance that a child can come from nothing and make a special something out of their life. I’m about to turn 22 years old and I’d be lying If I told you guys that I had any sort of clue of what to do with my life. All I do know is that I have a fire inside of me, It’s always stayed lit even in the midst of my life constantly falling apart. Writing is what I have and this blog is honestly everything to me at the moment, so when I say that I appreciate everyone reading my posts and giving them likes and those rare follows here and there, they truly complete my day and make my heart for once. I’m always in a constant haze, wishing for better days. I just want something to work out for once.. I want this blog to turn into that special something. I hope what I write is also able to hopefully help someone in one way or another, I want to have an impact and the one thing I have is putting words on paper. ( or a screen in this sense) I’ve been broken a lot in my life and 80% of it has been my fault and I’ve learned because of it all. I guess the point of this post is to talk to you guys on a relate-able level. There’s a face and personality behind the words you read on my site, there’s a high level of connection. I truly just want anyone of my readers to reach out and talk to me about anything you’re feeling or going through because chances are, I’ve been there. You’re not alone. I don’t personally know you guys but I do care. Even If It’s just to chat about nothing. I enjoy talking about nothing. Please keep checking in on my blog, I’ll be continuing to make it better and the content as well. I just want to be more engaged and involved with this. I’m going to leave my personal email at the bottom for anyone to use. Again, thank you guys. For everything. Take care!


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