Not so blonde hair

I’m living

But I don’t feel alive

To be honest

The only thing getting me by

Aren’t my dreams

They’re not my high

They’re long gone and

Moved on

It’s her voice.

Even in my darkest of nights

It lets me see clear as day

Even in the loudest of noises

It’s the only sound

My ears have a pleasure

Of knowing.

To be honest

It’s the things

That wouldn’t matter normally

But right now

Her voice is everything

When she wears her glasses

And I know she prefers contacts

It’s when she tucks her hair

That not so blonde hair

I know you hate it but

I love it

It’s every day when I feel like nothing

But in your arms I feel like something

I confess I’m nothing less

Than a fucking mess

And when I can’t bear

My life anymore

I look up and see

Your not so blonde hair

It makes me

Not want to quit anymore

It’s when I lose my breathe

Feeling her soft

Blissful lips against mine

And she catches it back for me

I can’t fall asleep

Without you in my dreams

This love has traveled

From Pennsylvania to

Virginia to Arizona

Coast to coast

Up California

Every mile

Every day

You swept me away

Now I’ll just lay

And watch my worries fray

All thanks to you

Saving me

Every day.

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