Shade of Blue.

I should’ve taken those
Bruises on my toes
From dancing with you
At prom
More seriously though
Because now I can’t let them go

It was then I realized
That I know
Time always has to go
But It wasn’t until
We broke each other
And you walked out that door
That I could say
I know.
I know everything
Good and Bad
especially the good things
Come to an end
Just because Time
Said so
That’s when I learned
To live in moment
I had finally moved on
Thought I found what love was
Then summer ended
Along with that finally found love
And found a new home
We broke up
You moved on
And to a new coast
But I didn’t
You knew that
I take myself back
I remember
That rainy January Night
Winter break
You were with him
Or so you claimed
You said you couldn’t come back
to me
Because you settled for him
Not that night..
Midnight at hotel Hershey
Dancing in a dimly lit parking lot
I gave you everything
In the pouring rain
My heart
My soul
But all I remember
Is the pain
You said You’d come back
Clothes soaked
In arms wrapped tight
That moment felt more than right
Sadly I learned that your gut
Isn’t always right
We sat there and listened
To that mixed CD you always made for me
With Bon Iver and two door cinema club
Playing in the background
What you did wasn’t okay
Letting your heart out
And telling me its mine to hold again
Only to take you home
And find out that It was just
A lie
That night
Your heart said yes
But the next day
Your mouth said no
We never got a proper goodbye
You went back and acted
Like it never happened
Right back to the coast
with him
It wasn’t right
and it was never worth the fight
Your gut isn’t always right
But you have to follow it anyway
I had to go through all of that
To learn the hard way
It’s crazy
I would’ve went to Vegas
That night
And bet all my money on you
Maybe that’s why I’m always broke
these days
So I thank you
But now I’m so lost
I always thought I’d be
The best version of me
That I had dreamed to be
Now I’m playing
Who’s who
And I just found out
I’m just a lonely and dark
Shade of blue.

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