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Hey peeps,

I just wanted to touch base with you guys and let you know some stuff going on with the scene. I’m actively working on a couple new projects, they’re just a little time consuming so please be patient. I know there hasn’t been a ton of content to start this month off but I’ve just been working on trying some new stuff and ideas, to see how everyone takes them. I love writing poetry but this blog needs to be more than that so I’ll be putting out some new ideas hopefully starting tomorrow! If you care, there’s some kinda possibly exciting news in my life.

I have a meeting with a new magazine start up here in Seattle! Which is pretty dope. I could maybe start getting some work published under this magazine, so we’ll see. I started a new job so unfortunately my time is being consumed by a bullshit office gig. I kinda hate doing it but I have to pay my bills. Kids, don’t grow up. It blows. I might start putting some pieces on Too Grand of a Scene about some random cool things I plan to start doing here in the Seattle area, if that interests any of you. Again, I just wanted to thank everyone from the bottom of my heart for all the views I receive, every single like, and of course the follows. I put a lot of time into this site and It’s so gratifying to have some appreciation and love come to here. So thank you, so much. I don’t have a lot going for me at the moment so it truly makes my day when I see my blog doing well. I literally check my WordPress app so much throughout the day when I post something to see how everything is going. It helps me get through my shitty days ( I have plenty of those) I’m just a sad 22 year old trying to stumble through the In’s and out’s of life and this helps more than you imagine. So yeah, that’s about it. Keep your eyes peeled for my new creative projects coming out. Take care and peace out!


bye peeps.



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