Stealing five dollar Items

From the grocery store

Because that’s all we

Can afford.

Driving that beat up car

My roommate still playing

That old guitar

Getting drunk under stars

Just trying to figure out

Who we are

My youth is fleeting

And the sky

Is clouding the moon’s view

Of my life

Now, a mess and askew

I always had high hopes

But now, not even

This blunt can’t get

Get me high enough to see them

Then I think..

Well, where is there room

Made for growth

When I walk on this

Thin frayed rope

I keep testing my balance

In hopes my feet

Will find more solid ground

I’ll just swallow my words

Whole again

Fight my own will of choking

Since all my shortcomings

Leave me short of breath

Just like when you said

I’m better off dead

I’ve been trying

To feel safe in my skin

Blur the lines

To make up for

My selfish pretense

I guess I didn’t

Know best.

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