Open Mic / Spoken

Page 6

To the girl who once bought my heart

It was sold so easily back then

Cheap Perfume and a bright smile

That’s all it took

Oh, and the way that blue sundress

Always made you look.

I never noticed the important stuff

I was too preoccupied with the fact

You Read me like a book

You’d be flipping my pages and reading the next before I even had a chance to write them

Little did I know

My book wasn’t very hard to read

You could find my interests on page 1

If you flip to page 2

You’ve already caught my eye

And here comes the butterflies

Welcome to page 3

You’re in for a good read

It’s just me in my entirety

And my fucked up family

You comforted all my internal concerns wth your body’s curves.

I’m not sure why I thought

That would suffice

Maybe it was from

The goosebumps on my neck

Left from your lips

That felt like ice

The scratches on my back from the night before

And the rush of dizzy love

My heart would endure.

Finger on a string

You had me tied up

Hearts locked


Your heartbeat shared mine

That’s all we needed at that time

But at that age

You never think.

You just do.

Page 4

My heart is spilled on the floor

My feelings locked away in my

Bottom dresser drawer

Underneath your favorite t-shirt

You don’t wear anymore

Please don’t read page 5

It’s Laced with lies

And false alibis

Not to mention my now

Wasted time.

At this point I just feel dead

Not literally

Just emotionally

The no sleep for me tonight

Too busy being haunted

The sick to my stomach

Only you can explain

The zero appetite

But the things  I do eat

Have no flavor. No taste.

No anything.

You took everything.

There is no page 6

But if there were

It would read,

“Page 6-

Makes me wanna die

It gets me every time

My insides are black and blue

For never letting go of you

And stupidly crawling back to you.”


That book is over

Over the years since

I’ve written a new book though,

The only difference is that

I don’t have 6 pages anymore

I have an entire novel.

To my current reader,

Thank you.

Thanks for kissing my forehead

Thanks for being there for the hard stuff

Thank you for sitting with my past my 6th page.



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