I’ve been doing well

I lost my job the other day

I can’t afford the drugs to take

All this pain away


My friends are growing up without me


I’m 3000 miles from home

I want to say I’m sorry

For my urge to roam

Struck with wanderlust

I needed to be alone

Now I’m broker than broke

Using my writing to cope

Life is making me out to be

One big joke

Here’s the punchline

I put my heart on the line

I wasted my time

Mom I’ll write you a letter

It’ll say

“I’ve never been better

I know we never had much growing up

You were working so many hours

I couldn’t keep track

Just to make sure

I had clothes on my back

I’ll repay you for that

With these dreams of mine

That I had to move away to find

You don’t know this but

It’s being held together by

What feels like the worlds thinnest

Piece of twine

Take care, I’ll see you sometime.”

Everything’s fine.

Besides the fact

I feel identical to

Winter weather

Bitter and cold

My insides aren’t quite


I’ve been doing terrible.


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