Open Mic / Spoken

That Town Called, Home.

  I’m a long ways from home For awhile I always thought I wouldn’t know what that would feel like Being at home is the world’s most comfortable trap You’re cozy and everything feels in place You remember where you fell & broke your heart Getting lost in a pretty face You know every single… Continue reading That Town Called, Home.

Inside My Head

You taste like Saturday

All the adults around me Constantly existing in my life They talk and have grand conversations Using sophisticated words and phrases Each sentence as predictable and judgmental As the next Just like their lives Perfectly planned and executed Like all the rest Cookie-cutter conformity I call It. The talking suits and ties Pledge to live… Continue reading You taste like Saturday

Hurts My Heart

Strategies for when your heart is broken. (ice cream weather)

Step 1. Cry, cry and cry some more Step 2. There are no steps Feel the seemingly impossible moment and pause the world around you. Room upside down. Your head pounding. Your life in the worst crash of its entirety. Or so it seems. And attempt to swallow that huge lump in your throat and… Continue reading Strategies for when your heart is broken. (ice cream weather)