Hey guys!

The name’s Ryan. No I’m not famous or a star, and not too long ago I was actually living in my car (well a van to be exact) Biggest fear? Getting old. I cope with love living in the moment and thinking about it later. I’m a master of making mistakes but that’s okay, I enjoy life’s biggest messes. I’m a 21 year old avid writer and enthusiast for everything outside the box. You could also use the terms, adventure junkie and free spirited to describe me. I have an unmatched love for cats and understanding the stranger things in life. I’m a firm believer in being exactly as you are, no matter the perception of it to the rest of the planet. Be who you are and never lose that. Enough about me! Please contact me about yourselves. I love interacting with every type of person out there and hearing about your crazy and not so crazy lives! 🙂