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The Hard Part

Being 3000 miles away from home

Isn’t the hard part

Taking that blind leap of faith

Terrifying, yes.

But, not the most frightening

Sleeping in a van, lost in a new city

Mentally pushed to the brink

Stealing showers from rest stop sinks

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Paw Print

In elementary school during an art class, the teacher gave us each a piece of paper with a traced outline of a paw print. (Our school mascot was a Polar Bear.) Our task was to make a new picture using that outline. Most kids made a baseball glove or something that makes sense. When it was my turn to show off what I made to our teacher, I handed her back the same empty outline and said “ I made a paw print.”

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Name Tag

Name tags are something that I’ve always resented wearing. I understand the principle of them and what their purpose is, It makes sense I guess. It’s always the jobs that are corporate run and by the book that enforce wearing them so heavily. I’ve always been attracted to the hole in the wall type of establishments because of how original they are sometimes. I live right outside of Seattle, Washington. There’s this 24 hour tiny restaurant called, Beth’s. It’s nestled right next to a dive bar and across the street from a 7-11 uni mart.

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Life is always changing

Your structures of security

Will crumble

Your Friends of forever

Will move on

Leaving you alone in your

Newly found rubble

Nothing is guaranteed

Considering, the last time i saw you

I could say I was proud

My best friend

I cant recognize

Our best days behind us

Its sad but true

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