Out of bounds.

For as far as I can rewind my mind to, I’ve never been one to do well with structures. I think It’s just the consistency of them all, They make me feel contained. Being a writer, that’s the last thing I want to feel. My whole time throughout school, I hated my English classes. I hate the whole belief that there’s structures and boundaries in writing.

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Four kids ditch their old life for new Lights & Sounds. Adventure bound.

February 11th will always be a special and forever memorable day in my life. It was the day me and 3 friends left our small town life back in Pennsylvania and began our journey across the entire country to move to beautiful Seattle, Washington. I’m going to tell you guys the story of my move and the reasons behind such a big life altering decision.Read More »

Fast times at Pool Hopping High..

Here’s another look at some nonsense. I can’t say it enough, kids make mistakes and it’s okay. I will admit this antic was one of my dumbest but I got my punishment from it and now I have a good laugh because of it. Honestly though, I don’t regret it because it was such a fun night; The news article doesn’t do me comedic justice and it also failed to mention some of the highlights that night.