She asked me what was wrong

I replied and said “nothing”

It was a soft response with zero confidence

Luckily, she didn’t notice

The last thing i wanted to talk about

Was the sadness camping out in my head

For the sole reason of not wanting to cry

Over a plate of bacon cheese fries

We were sharing at the time

A time when, we weren’t out of place

When we laughed like we used to

Before this fucked up expiration date

Around the same time when

Your smile and my dreams were living in the same place

Playing neighbors with

Those ocean eyes and styled blonde hair

Relaxing at home on your taller than average frame

The constantly debated

Maybe taller than me frame

You’d always get excited and laugh

when you’d put on your shoes

To see that you were

For a couple seconds, actually taller than me

Speaking of smiles, You’d make a kickass dental hygienist

So please go finish school. Keep on that plan of yours.

You deserve that.

Something actually stable.

A love that is worthwhile and able

Tomorrow is going to suck.

I drive her to the airport

A Sunday morning

Meaning the freeways are empty of cars

Usually, that’s all you ever ask for

You know? Because fuck traffic.

But, god damn it

For the first time ever,

I wish I was stuck in 5pm rush hour traffic

Because now I’m cruising effortlessly

Straight to the inevitable

I’m reading the exit sign for the airport

I’ve seen this thing a dozen times

I know exactly what it says

What the exact exit number is


You’d sometimes sit and laugh at me

Because I’d always confuse the arrivals and departures exit lanes

This time all the sign was blurred

I didn’t hear your laugh.

I didn’t know what to feel

Like my mind censored the damage to PG 13

So my heart didn’t have to watch all the bad parts

It was the first moment I was truly second guessing my decisions and asking myself why

Why are things the way that they are?

Why do we hurt so much when we’re trying our hearts out?

I know I just have keep smiling

And enjoy our plate of cheesy goodness

Because come morning

You’ll be gone and I won’t have the opportunity to sit and admire your eyes anymore.



Menthol Kiss. part 1

I hate cigarettes

How they linger so unattractively

The gross haze they create

Their smell unsettles my stomach

Being around them burns me the wrong way

But, I’ll miss your smoke

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Accidentally, forever.

We were never supposed to meet

Or fall into place so easily, like we did

I was

A clouded mess of a question

You were

The accidental grounded stability

I stumbled upon forever ago

That’s allowed me to figure out all the rest

The timing is what never made sense

You’re the reason the best things never do

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Vanilla Days

I miss my average Tuesday night

Everyone thinks the weekend

Is when most memories are made when you’re young

But, those were predictable

I knew after serving tables from 4-9 on Friday

I’d take all those tips and invest them

For future nostalgia and deja vu for next week

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It was a sunday afternoon

I remember the balance of temperature and sunlight

Was perfect that day

The three of us were driving back from

A college party the night prior

Being 22,

we were just doing what we’re supposed to do

Drunk antics and road trips

Sign me up.

Most times the conversation on the drive home

Was filled with a recap of the stupidity of the last twelve hours

Fun stupidity.

We’d talk about nothing

But to us, It was everything

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