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Page 6

To the girl who once bought my heart

It was sold so easily back then

Cheap Perfume and a bright smile

That’s all it took

Oh, and the way that blue sundress

Always made you look.

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This office chair has the imprint of my body. That’s what I was afraid of.

All these people around me talking as if they have a single clue

of who to be or what to do and rambling about nothing of substance. just big paychecks and stroking their power tripping egos.

No, I won’t say sorry for bumping into you and wrinkling your brand new freshly pressed suit.

But, what I will say is sorry to the people you’ve wronged to get to where you are

and goodbye to the last shred of decency inside of you once upon a time

except with this story, it doesn’t have a happy ending

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