Chasing Temporary

I hate listening to the same drowned out voices saying there’s no point in temporary things and feelings. Constantly being told growing up, to not put time and effort into anything that wasn’t going to last for awhile. Always be on time for everything. Avoid the non guaranteed aspects of life. I think that’s bullshit. I full heatedly believe in chasing temporary and investing your heart into right now.

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Vanilla Days

I miss my average Tuesday night

Everyone thinks the weekend

Is when most memories are made when you’re young

But, those were predictable

I knew after serving tables from 4-9 on Friday

I’d take all those tips and invest them

For future nostalgia and deja vu for next week

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It was a sunday afternoon

I remember the balance of temperature and sunlight

Was perfect that day

The three of us were driving back from

A college party the night prior

Being 22,

we were just doing what we’re supposed to do

Drunk antics and road trips

Sign me up.

Most times the conversation on the drive home

Was filled with a recap of the stupidity of the last twelve hours

Fun stupidity.

We’d talk about nothing

But to us, It was everything

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The 4th Time.

They always tell you that the first one is the hardest one.That’s the one that’ll hurt the most. It will leave the largest scar that you have to struggle to fix for an unseen amount of time. I’ve lived and loved and felt enough over the years to completely disagree with that theory. Falling in love with someone or whatever it is that has captured your heart, for the first time is a refreshing breath of air you’ve never felt before. With love, you learn that losing your breath is scary but in the most amazing way. It teaches you that when your heart skips a beat or two, to not panic and to just smile and let your heart slow dance for a moment. After the dance. After the fresh air. Comes that immediate drop to hell and uncertainty that is impossible to explain to someone who hasn’t felt it.

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Don’t forget the strangers

There’s a handful of memories that are placed in your life that are filled with friends that you haven’t seen or even cared to ask about in years. I think It’s pretty crazy how that all ends up. You hear talk all the time about how best friends you have today aren’t even acquaintances tomorrow. I honestly think It’s impossible to wrap your head around until it just happens. It’s kinda similar to how day to day, your life doesn’t feel differently and then 5 years flies by and your whole world has changed.

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