Inside My Head


There will come a day When I have no more teeth I won’t remember everyone’s birthday For whatever weird reason Tapioca will become some sort of special treat My worst enemies will become My old, “ain’t what they used to be” dusty legs Led in front by my slow and constantly complained about achy feet… Continue reading Tapioca

Hurts My Heart


She asked me what was wrong I replied and said “nothing” It was a soft response with zero confidence Luckily, she didn't notice The last thing i wanted to talk about Was the sadness camping out in my head For the sole reason of not wanting to cry Over a plate of bacon cheese fries… Continue reading 154B

Hurts My Heart

Strategies for when your heart is broken. (ice cream weather)

Step 1. Cry, cry and cry some more Step 2. There are no steps Feel the seemingly impossible moment and pause the world around you. Room upside down. Your head pounding. Your life in the worst crash of its entirety. Or so it seems. And attempt to swallow that huge lump in your throat and… Continue reading Strategies for when your heart is broken. (ice cream weather)